Architects build Better Future with Microsoft Backup and VMWare

Architects build Better Future with Microsoft Backup and VMWare

AIA Associés Solves Backup and Recovery for Distributed Microsoft Servers

Rollout Unifies Systems, Extends Virtualization to All Offices, Improves Microsoft Backup

European architecture firm AIA Associés wanted to better support their highly mobile employees – who often travel between their 1o offices in order to work alongside colleagues on projects.

Providing this level of mobility and location-transparency was made difficult, as each office had its own separate, un-integrated IT domain.   This patchwork of systems impacted employee productivity, was costly to manage, and provided uneven levels of protection for business continuity.

Their solution was to create a single IT domain and extend virtualization to all offices, with a centralized backup system that does fast backups of its entire physical and virtual system including Microsoft backup for Exchange servers in multiple locations…. more > open the full Case Study PDF in a new window (no forms to fill out…registration not required)

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