Aztech IT Solutions – Backup & Restore in Minutes

Aztech IT Solutions – Backup & Restore in Minutes

IT Solutions Firm Solves Backup Problem

Backups restored in minutes

Managed service provider Aztech IT Solutions struggled with their prior backup and data protection solution – having difficulty showing whether clients’ data was protected.

Aztech IT Solutions implemented Dell AppAssure, which provides the transparency the company was looking for as well as fast, reliable backups and restores, even for large files – granular reporting for their clients.

A key part of the job of a managed service provider (MSP) is to be assure clients that their data are safe.  It’s critical that we are able to say to clients, “Yes, we have a backup of your data, and yes, we can recover any lost data quickly and easily for you”.

If an MSP can’t say those two affirmatives,  immediate credibility loss can ensue – which translates into lost clients. No client is going to hire an MSP to be its IT department if that service provider can’t guarantee a good backup and can’t quickly restore lost data....more > open the full Case Study PDF in a new window (no forms to fill out…registration not required)

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