Five Practices to Ensure 100% Data Recovery

Five Practices to Ensure 100% Data Recovery

As the old saying goes, “it’s not the backup that’s important…it’s the recovery”. This is a lesson many of us have learned when called upon to recover lost data – the backups are there, but the recovery just doesn’t “recover”.

I remember a particularly painful experience the week before Christmas in 1992 – I was leading a team of people in Cupertino, CA and we were rushing to meet a deadline.  The system went down, and the data were scrambled like eggs.  We hauled out the backup tapes (we had been diligent in backing things up) – only to discover that a corruption had found its way into our backups.  We lost an entire week’s worth of work.

Like me, back in December 1992, many organizations become believe that simply because they have a backup solution in place, that their data are secure.  They are unaware they are vulnerable to incomplete or worse yet – indeterminate recovery of critical data and systems.

Your backup does not matter if you cannot recover 100% of your data and systems in the event of a disaster.

{this article is scheduled for publication the week of August 4}

(but just in case you are reading this before 8/4… start off with the following maxim: “backup and test… early and often”)



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    It’s pretty obvious that you place lots of time in to the details. Great job.


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