IT Weapons Reclaims 140 Terabytes with Deduplication

IT Weapons Reclaims 140 Terabytes with Deduplication

ITW Manages 1500 Servers – Reduces Cost and Complexity with Deduplication Solution

Reclaims 140 Terabytes of storage with deduplication and compression

The volume of backups occurring each week was choking IT Weapon’s infrastructure.  As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for 1500 servers, backup and recovery were a critical, but expensive and cumbersome part of their business.  Despite having spent millions of dollars on a complex fiber, tape and disk solution, ITW knew that they needed to make changes in order to continue with their rapid rate of growth.  Completing full backups within the allotted weekend window was becoming untenable and the load on the servers and network was reducing performance for clients.

ITW set forth a number of key requirements for their new backup and recovery solution, which included deduplication and compression, minimal backup window, high throughput, and continuous application protection.

ITW chose Dell™ AppAssure dynamic replication plus continuous application protection, which has eliminated the full backup window, bottlenecking issues and slow servers on the weekends. …. more > open the full Case Study PDF in a new window (no forms to fill out…registration not required)

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