Why Deduplication is a “Best Practice” for Online Backup

Why Deduplication is a “Best Practice” for Online Backup

Why deduplication is a “best practice” for online backup and recovery 

Companies have to backup and store information – at least some portion of it.  Why? Compliance requirements demand that data be saved for periods of time. Productivity requires that data is obtainable in case of emergency or accident at work. However, meeting those demands is becoming a lot more expensive as the amount of data that has to be backed up and stored multiplies.  Although storage capacities keep rising and cost per Terabyte of storage keeps falling, Data volumes are growing at some 40% per year (on the average).

Decreasing the expense of backup and storage begins with reducing the quantity of data that is backed up and stored. Data deduplication helps to ensure that the same, unchanged data files are not repetitively backed up during the online backup processes. Decreasing storage capacity alone is a substantial reason for implementing data deduplication, but when built-in with server-based backup procedures that also include data compression, the merged backup and storage savings are even more compelling.

Save your organization a small fortune with deduplication

Eliminate unnecessary storage expenses with deduplication

Although cost savings calculations differ based on the quantity of data you’re presently backing up, the amount of data you are restoring, the nature of your hardware, and so on. It’s self explanatory that backup and storage overhead is significantly decreased when:

  • systems do not need to be taken down to be able to start and run backup processes
  • backups run incrementally and continuously without needing hands on managing or supervision
  • backed up data is retrieved from disk over high-speed network access
  • backed up data reflects very current points in time and all adjustments to date safeguarding against lost work
  • virtual servers are used to further reduce the backup and storage footprint

It is essential that companies backup data. Compliance and productivity require it. The good news is disk-based backup with integrated data deduplication and compression allows companies to meet those demands with great performance and cost-effectiveness.  Some organizations report a reduction in storage expense in excess of 80%.

Deduplication can be carried out with software or a hardware appliance.  Which one is right for you?  Either method offers tremendous benefits over traditional backup systems.

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