Defining Online Backup Success

Defining Online Backup Success

This site is focused on providing best practices, technologies, strategies, examples and techniques to help organizations achieve Online Backup “success” – whether that’s a backup & recovery, replication, disaster recovery or a business continuity initiative.

How does one define Online Backup “success”?

There are as many (correct) answers to that question as there are types of organizations out there.   The goal of this site is to provide a wide variety of relevant and useful information – information that readers can use to help achieve whatever their own definition of Data Protection success may be.

Online Backup can save your day

Online Backup can do a lot more than just “save your day”.

Linda Mentzer a few years back offered an interesting perspective for online backup success that offers insight:

Unlike small to medium sized organizations, large enterprises have a variety of difficult data protection challenges. For large organizations, data protection means far more than simply backing up data. It means deterministically backing up massive volumes of data in locations worldwide, protecting branch locations and central data centers, and meeting business continuity and service levels– all while staying within shrinking backup windows. It also means:

  • Meeting stringent regulatory requirements – financial, healthcare etc. regulations require increasing data retention times, faster data restores, and auditable data erasure
  • Staying ahead of exponential data growth. Business growth drives massive volumes of growing data which drive demand for more performance and capacity to continue to meet backup/restore, business continuity requirements and restore SLAs.
  • Planning and budgeting accurately for the future. Advanced management and reporting is needed to ensure systems are operated at peak efficiency, that today’s requirements are being met and that forecasting for the future is accurate.
  • Maintaining operational flexibility in data protection environments to adapt to mergers, acquisitions, new technology adoption and other changing market needs.

So, it’s clear that (just like in “real life”), success for Online Backup depends entirely on “who you are” and “what your needs are”.  This website features a wide variety of resources and articles for a wide variety of organizations.

If you would like to contribute your perspectives to the Online Backup world, we would welcome your contribution – just let us know.

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