For Virtual, Cloud & Hybrid Computing, One Backup is better than Two

For Virtual, Cloud & Hybrid Computing, One Backup is better than Two

Virtualization and Cloud Change the Backup Landscape

Most organizations today are leveraging the advantages of virtualization and Cloud. Some organizations go so far as to not maintain physical servers. The majority of enterprises take a hybrid approach.

In a hybrid computing environment, one must ask the following: what can you do to safeguard everything adequately, and be able to recover in the event of data or system loss?

Before answering that question, let’s start by taking a look at two approaches – ones to stay away from if you operate in a hybrid environment:

  • Older legacy solutions which involves backing up files and folders.  These don’t adapt well to hybrid environments. These solutions also don’t consider the advantages of basic abilities embedded in virtual platforms.
  • Backup and recovery solutions that require you to maintain two different backup and recovery systems (and procedures) – one for physical and a different one for virtual. This results in extra and ongoing effort for backup, and could be a problem in recovery situations, when both you and your staff use two unconnected solutions with differing procedures to attempt to piece your computing world back together.

The optimal solution for hybrid environments is to find a single solution that works faultlessly across physical and virtual environments, rather than using the two solutions as noted above.

By going with the “single solution”, you will have to learn Disaster Recovery (and establish procedures) once and not twice, which will increase the chance for a faster recovery.

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  1. Shivanand Biradar
    Jan 12, 2015 @ 09:22:56

    I think #DraaS, #SDS, and #StraaS are easing and very clearly defining the most efficient and optimal way of backup and storage.


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