Major Financial Risk with SaaS and Cloud Applications

Major Financial Risk with SaaS and Cloud Applications

Significant Possibility of Losing Important Data Increases with SaaS and Cloud Usage on the Rise

Your Essential SaaS & Cloud Data Leaves You at Risk

Backing up all pertinent information and files has been a common, and responsible, practice for many years. Through electronic or physical means, companies store these files locally, for immediate retrieval, and off-site, for recovery after a disaster. It is their financial, and practical, obligation to make sure these files are secure, and it helps maintain proper relationships with customers, partners, and employees.

The Real Possibility of Losing Important Data Increases With SaaS Usage on the Rise

More and more companies are starting to use software-as-a-service (SaaS) to store key data. However, relying solely on this popular method can increase their risks of losing thisCloud SaaS Backup Data critical data – as people often mistakenly believe that their SaaS or Cloud vendor(s) will guarantee the availability and recoverability of their data. Unfortunately, once your data is lost it can be gone forever, as the majority of SaaS providers do not restore lost data –  or you have to pay ridiculously high fees to get your missing data back.

Data is the lifeblood of modern business – and increasingly organizations are trusting that their data will be protected by the SaaS and Cloud companies that provide their applications. The dirty little secret is that these applications providers do not typically guarantee that this business-critical data will be protected against loss or corruption.  Most companies are not aware of this major risk – and as a result can suffer potentially devastating financial and business consequences.

Fewer than half of North American businesses have adequate protection measures in place for their data.  With the average cost of data breach or data loss approaching $1 million per incident, a solid data protection strategy is a necessity.

One of the leading reasons given for not having a cohesive plan for protecting corporate data is “lack of knowledge and skills” – an eminently fixable problem that OnlineBackupNews addresses by exposing risks, providing best practices and techniques and being a go-to resource for industry professionals.

Innovative Backup Solution: Cloud-To-Cloud

Businesses are looking to Cloud-to-Cloud backup providers to safeguard their SaaS information. This gives organizations an easy solution, by creating copies of essential data from one Cloud server onto another Cloud server.

Reduce the Chances of Losing Your SaaS Files

With Cloud-to-Cloud backup solutions, businesses can reduce the dangers of permanent data loss – and a number of vendors have entered this space.  This type of provider will periodically transfer designated data to another Cloud server. Check with your current SaaS provider to see if they offer this type of service, Google terms like “Salesforce backup” or “Netsuite recovery”. Or, set up a regular schedule where you manually transfer your SaaS and Cloud data to a backup server.

Every day, businesses and organizations send mountains of indispensable data to SaaS providers. These companies never consider the possibility of this system failing, or losing their information. It is only after disaster strikes, and information is lost, that they finally ask about data backup solutions. In the age of Cloud computing, and virtual storage, the time has come for managers and administrators to take action, and protect all critical data, before anything happens.

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