Your Data – Vulnerable to Attack by #Hackers

Your Data – Vulnerable to Attack by #Hackers

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It’s not enough to simply back up your data – you also need to protect it! recently sent out a warning that hackers are using a remote access Trojan malware called Dyre in an attempt to steal login credentials and other data.

This malware doesn’t infect computers through a security hole or other defect in – rather, it typically infects a user’s PC via a phishing attack. Once the user’s PC is infected, it sends data and credentials back to the creators of the malware code. Of particular note is that even SSL-encrypted is vulnerable.

There are various steps you can take to secure your data – including a 7-step rapid response plan to mitigate Dyre malware risk in Salesforce written by OnlineBackupNews guest author Lori Witzel.

For more about how to deal with the general threat of Phishing – check out an excellent 3-page “non salesy” paper on the topic: “Phishing – When Email is the Enemy” written by the security folks at Dell Software.

N.B. – There’s no single thing that can protect you against hackers.  The best approach is knowledge – a huge percentage of security breaches are a result of carelessness and other things that could have easily been avoided.

If you like videos, the folks at Dell Security did a webcast to help you understand the “threat landscape” –

A “multi-layer” approach to security is really called for.  It’s more than just “some software”.  But it starts with a basic understanding of “what’s out there that can ruin my day”.


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