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Every year IT Downtime Costs $26.5 Billion In Lost Revenue Even with such high costs, 56% of enterprises in North America and 30% in Europe don’t have a good disaster recovery plan as reported by InformationWeek. Online Backup News aims to make sure you all have the news and tips needed to keep your IT Costs down and your information safe.

OnlineBackupNews is a free “reference site” to help organizations protect their data, applications and systems by providing online backup best practices, technology insights, strategies, real-world examples and various tips and techniques.

How does one define “success” for Online Backup?

There are more “correct” definitions for Success (as it pertains to online backup) than there are fish in the sea.

Simply put, your organization’s needs in this area are unique.  Therefore, your definition of “success” will be unique.

For some additional perspectives on how success for online backup could be defined, check out one of our articles dedicated to the topic: Defining Online Backup Success.

Rather than focus on the definition, a more useful exercise is to help your organization achieve success – however that might be defined.

How can this site help me achieve Online Backup success?

This site is focused on helping organizations achieve success – by being a free “reference site” for online backup best practices, technology insights, strategies, real-world examples and various tips and techniques.

These resources are intended to help organizations achieve their own version of “success” in online backup, replication, disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives.

Interested in Contributing to Online Backup News?

If you would like to contribute your perspectives to the Online Backup world, we would welcome your contribution – find out how!

About Hollis Tibbetts

Hollis Tibbetts manages and acts as content curator for the Online Backup News site – in addition to authoring articles and doing various speaking engagements (and having a “day job”).

He is well-known software marketing, strategy and technology expert and is one of the more widely read author/experts on the Internet on technology and strategy for Data, Cloud & Social Media.

His articles are read over 30,000 times monthly on a wide variety of sites.  He is also listed on various “top 100 lists” of top experts in areas ranging from Cloud to Technology Marketing.

Hollis Tibbetts is employed Dell, Inc.  Although he loves his day-time job as an evangelist and Software Technology director, this site is his own personal venture.  All opinions expressed on this site are his own, and may (or may not) agree with those of his employer.

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He goes by the moniker SoftwareHollis on Social Media sites:

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