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Interested in Contributing to Online Backup News?

If you would like to contribute your perspectives to the Online Backup world, we would welcome your contribution – just let us know.

If you are a vendor, consultant, analyst, or end user, we are interested in working with you if your article is impartial and does not promote (or criticize) a particular vendor’s solution.

Most importantly – your article must provide real value to members of the OBN community (no sales/marketing pitches, please). The OBN readers are primarily professionals involved in Backup/Recovery, DR or BCI initiatives – either implementation, planning or evaluation of technologies/strategies/products.

Article submissions along the following lines are highly encouraged:

  • Best  practices
  • Determining requirements
  • Avoiding particular problems
  • How to evaluate a technology, solution or strategy
  • Lessons learned
  • Trends
  • Implementation tips/techniques
  • ROI-related articles
  • Managing transitions

A list of editorial guidelines follows the contact form.  They mostly boil down to this: make the article useful for our audience, well-written – and avoid the salesy stuff.  

Thank you for your interest in contributing!

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What Online Backup Topic Would You Like to Write About?

Editorial Guidelines and Notes

  • Articles generally run 400-650 words.  For longer articles, we prefer to break them up into a series (to encourage maximum readership).  For example an article on “The Five Things You Should Know about Cheese” might make a very good 5-part series – with 1-2 articles published per week.
  • Please be prepared to submit a picture of the author, Social Media contact information, a brief biography, etc. for the Featured Author profile section and the “About the Author” part of each article.
  • Please indicate a brief description of the topic you would like to write about.  One or two sentences is probably sufficient.
  • We review proposals and make every effort to reply within one day.
  • Articles must be vendor-neutral. They may not propose a single solution or viewpoint. We do not do “product reviews”. Contributed products must not be focused on a particular product – instead, they should discuss the current state of the technology, the use of technology, the evaluation of technology, or the creation of plans and procedures involving technology from a variety of angles, providing a balanced perspective.
  • You are free to mention your company and your product (and link to your company) in the “About the Author” section of each article.
  • In the article body, you are free to link to your own website *if* it illustrates a key point and involves a real-life customer experience and is not overtly “salesy”.  Typically these would be customer case studies.  For example, if you are discussing the benefits of de-duplication, it would be perfectly acceptable to say that one of your customers “reduced their storage requirements by 80% by using de-duplication”, and link to a customer success story on your website.
  • Please note that we do not compensate authors for the articles we publish.
  • We ask, but do not require, that you refrain from publishing the same identical article elsewhere (and if you want to publish it elsewhere, you’ll be doing everyone a favor if you change enough words so that Google doesn’t punish everyone for creating duplicate content).
  • If your article has been published elsewhere (or has been submitted for consideration elsewhere), please indicate so – and indicate whether this is in conflict with any policies or agreements you have entered into with the other sites.
  • Unless you indicate otherwise, we will assume that the article is your own personal opinion – rather than that of your employer.
  • If you mention a particular person, customer or company in your article, you must have permission from the individual or entity to make that reference.  By submitting the article, you are assuring OBN that you have the appropriate permissions in place.
  • Feel free to submit pictures or graphics to accompany the article.
  • Case studies should focus on the perspective of the user – no press-releases, product-pitches or sales pitches, please.
  • We may make minor changes in format, sentence structure or wording to improve readability.  These are changes that do not impact the actual meaning of the article.


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